Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Deuce Nickle Tre

Last weekend we went to good old Washington just for Bryce's friend's funeral. It was the first one i've been to and it was rough, sad, but we're really glad we went. It was also my first time at the famous Puyallup Fair. I tried learning the song but all I remember is 'you can do it in a gallup... something something... 'do the Puyallup!' Many things were learned on this trip, for example, I learned scones are really biscuits with jam, and what I thought were scones are actually called fry bread. Bryce learned that continental breakfast does NOT mean breakfast from multiple continents, nor is it an international breakfast. Although our continental breakfast did have waffles.. which may or may not have been Belgium, we'll never know.
We also got to go to Curtis High's Homecoming football game and Bryce relived his glory days. Bentley rode in the little parade in place for Bizik and we almost ate an entire 1700 pound bag of cheese balls.
Thank you Fair for your corn dogs, soft serve ice cream, the best nature tee ever made, a salsa maker, and thank you Washington for your beautiful weather, family, the sound, and for making me consider calling you home.


  1. Oh my- I didn't know Bentley did that! Perfect.
    And I must say on a different note EntireLY: The Bryce and Duce corn dog picture made me snort in surprise. The internet never disappoints. You know I know someone who can make that face----- (I've said too much already.)

  2. I only wish I saw you guys. It's not often we're in the same state anymore