Wednesday, February 29, 2012

home alone

Yesterday was little brycey's birthday and it was crazy we barley had time to party - I was so busy at work, designing and printing B's resume and business cards, he was taking tests, finishing projects for the week, and packing to leave for Seattle the next day but we did have fun with our friends. Our birthdays are only a month apart and yesterday even though I was slightly embarassed to have everyone eat my cheesecake (baking is not my thang) all I could think about was how happy I am that I have my best friend to spend every birthday for the rest of my life with.

hey Seattle- hire my husband!

 the birthday boy

all by myself! home alone! party week! except he's only been gone for 10 hours and I already miss him

p.s. party week consists of me and KC (her lover went to Seattle too) eatting spinach artichoke dip and watching gossip girl. we can get crazy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the price of a taco

The other day it snowed at LEAST 5 inches which is crazy since we haven't had any snow this winter- at all. It's a miracle, a beautiful, beautiful miracle! Until it snowed 5 inches, and we waited until 10:30 at night to go to go to Jack in the box (oop! my bad!) and B's keys decided to fall off his keychain in the 5 inches of snow.

So we use our phones for light and find almost all the keys except our house key.... and our door is locked, and i'm wearing my pjs and rainboots, and all I wanted was a taco. So after half an hour of looking we decide to borrow our neighbors shovel... yeah we don't shovel our own sidewalks... and shovel the snow into one big pile and start looking through that. After another half an hour of going through the pile we found the key in the last littlest tiniest pile of snow. of course.

So by now it's almost midnight and my boots are frozen solid and my nose is running and I finally know what it would feel like to be on the cast of Oliver, but I still wanted that taco. And tacos I got.

On another note- people who drank soda in the morning grossed me out- how does that even taste good?!

Well this is me on Monday morning at 8:05am... sorry i'm gross now.

Monday, February 13, 2012

life lately

just to sum it up- 
got my ombre hair on
crafting + the notebook (sometimes i watch it multiple times a week... sorry)
bday surprises from my bff bwells 
valentine's day owls for my nieces
we were both sick for almost 2 weeks
birthday present purse
new lens! oh happy day
we started juicing everything

happy & merry

Incase you thought I forgot... here are all our holiday pictures! We spent Christmas Eve at Uncle Mark and Aunt Emily's house and New Years Eve with our awesome friends, and I turned 24 and had one of the best birthdays. And now it's 2 months into 2012 and I am a wittle bit behind on posting BUT we got a new camera lens today and we can't wait to take more pictures!