Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been trying to keep busy on my days off since I'm not in school right now and my cousin Jake told me how to make jerky so that has been occupying a bit of my time. Nadia came up with a really good sauce that is teriyaki and a sweet and spicy sauce. So good!

I swear the hardest part was getting the heat to be at 150.

Also I found a cool fence that is by our house that I thought would be cool to take some pics of.

Finally, this song has been running through my head the past month. I hope you enjoy.

So if you get the chance, I advise you all to find a cool fence, eat some jerky and listen to this song.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

el perfect weekend

Perfect because of so many things, mostly because fall is here! 

But first, because of sushi. Sushi in itself is perfect, and also sentimental. We had sushi on our first date, sushi when we got engaged, when we are celebrating, or on pay day. But now we have been making sushi on our own, since Bryce thinks i'm Asian, I guess this means my ancestors would be proud.

Perfect because of caramel apples, pumpkin patches and our new camera!

 not ours.. but cute enough to be one of our own..

 second year at the good old you pick pumpkin patch

and that beard.. just perfect.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


This is what it is... our cousin Abe has a bomb website called Epic Obsessions. Why is it blog worthy you might ask? (Since i don't have an adorable child to blog about this will have to do. JK for real it's awesome.) 
It is blog-worthy because oh hello Bon Iver, Into The Wild, Honest Abe Reviews, and of course beards. Epic Obsessions is all about being outside, living life, loving the natural beauty around us. So check it out

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bleach, Pukka, Simple Life

Nad and I had the opportunity to go back to WA this last weekend to go to a funeral and while we were there my mom reminded me of my boxes of old pictures and memorabilia. Looking in the boxes I found tons of pics of me in high school with a common theme... bleach blond hair and pukka shell necklaces. I'm sorry so many are of me. I put as many as other people as I could. I hope you enjoy.

 Thought he was a clown
 The Bird Man
 I just look nasty here

 Jr. High was not a good time for my skin
 I even had them in my senior pictures

 Da Mess
 The only thing better than my necklace Mike's shirt

 I really think this style brings out the best in a person

Like almost all fads I'm sure the bleach blond hair and pukka shell necklace will and when it does I will be able to show my kids one day just how cool their dad was.