Monday, February 13, 2012

happy & merry

Incase you thought I forgot... here are all our holiday pictures! We spent Christmas Eve at Uncle Mark and Aunt Emily's house and New Years Eve with our awesome friends, and I turned 24 and had one of the best birthdays. And now it's 2 months into 2012 and I am a wittle bit behind on posting BUT we got a new camera lens today and we can't wait to take more pictures! 


  1. Love the new years pictures, so cool!

  2. don't know me But we're sort of related. My mom and bryce's mom are cousins. So we're 2nd cousins-in-laws..anyway. The bird nest necklace you made for Sandra..LOVE IT! Would it be possible to request 2 of them. Of course, I would pay you to make it. Now, I need one with 2 or 3 eggs for me. but I have a friend she just had her 5th child. Is it possible to get one with 5 or something else you make that's similiar. That necklace is so rad! Wish you lived near. Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel! of course I will make them for you! I am so excited you like them. Did you like the length on Sandra and Bryndi's necklaces or would you like them longer?

  3. obsessssssed! that picture of you on your birthday with the yarn ball is magazine worthy, so pretty.