Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bleach, Pukka, Simple Life

Nad and I had the opportunity to go back to WA this last weekend to go to a funeral and while we were there my mom reminded me of my boxes of old pictures and memorabilia. Looking in the boxes I found tons of pics of me in high school with a common theme... bleach blond hair and pukka shell necklaces. I'm sorry so many are of me. I put as many as other people as I could. I hope you enjoy.

 Thought he was a clown
 The Bird Man
 I just look nasty here

 Jr. High was not a good time for my skin
 I even had them in my senior pictures

 Da Mess
 The only thing better than my necklace Mike's shirt

 I really think this style brings out the best in a person

Like almost all fads I'm sure the bleach blond hair and pukka shell necklace will and when it does I will be able to show my kids one day just how cool their dad was.


  1. Oh Bryce. Thank you for growing out of the pukka shell bleach hair phase. I think that's how I got over you. I guess I was just in love with beachy Bryce. So when beachy Bryce becomes trendy again, Nads watch out

  2. I think Nad would really like that bleach blonde hair again... you should try it and find out.. haha

  3. Bryce, you will always be The King Of The Pooka!