Sunday, October 17, 2010


I've been trying to keep busy on my days off since I'm not in school right now and my cousin Jake told me how to make jerky so that has been occupying a bit of my time. Nadia came up with a really good sauce that is teriyaki and a sweet and spicy sauce. So good!

I swear the hardest part was getting the heat to be at 150.

Also I found a cool fence that is by our house that I thought would be cool to take some pics of.

Finally, this song has been running through my head the past month. I hope you enjoy.

So if you get the chance, I advise you all to find a cool fence, eat some jerky and listen to this song.


  1. would it sound jerky if I said I took o-fence to this song?

  2. Ahem. Consider it done, as soon as you share your r.e.c.i.p.e!