Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nothing happens here that doesn't happen there

Sometimes things sound really good, like so good you race to go get one (a McGriddle) and then for the rest of the day they make you feel awful. They make you think that eating one at 10am could possibly have been the dumbest idea you have ever had. I have even thought about prank calling McD's just to share some of my pain and misery with someone else. I can still kind of taste it. Just consider this a warning, spend 10 minutes contemplating every idea before following through. This is something i've tried to teach Bryce. Apparently he's the one rubbing off on me.
This is what has been happening lately

A delicious steak sandwich courtesy of Bobby Bryce's BBQ

Nick is home!

Good ol Reuben and a little bit of Bozeman

Fall please stay


  1. Those Sandwiches look delectable! Please make some for us!!!

  2. made it on the woodhouse's blog.
    something to check off my bucket list.
    ps. love all these photos

  3. Do tell more about this Woodhouse-boy-thing rubbing off on you... I think we could collaborate on a book, perhaps... ha! Mine can talk me in to doing anything.