Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Girl

This may be corny and sappy, but I want to tell you all about why my girl is the best. 

1. She still has her inner child in her...

Above we see how she tries to still be young and love the Jo Bros who are 15.

2. Nad loves the little things in life...

Last fall we were walking and Nad stopped dead in her tracks to look at the trees with the leaves that had changed colors. She helps me appreciate things I don't normally see.

3. Some might call her worldly, but I'd say she's well cultured...

(This is a view from Paris from the top of the Eifel Tower that she took)

4. We like to cook together...

She is my own personal Giada

5. She loves good music...

The first night I knew I really liked Nad we talked about our love for Bon Iver. I knew right then that this girl was legit.

6. Last but not least, she lets me know that she loves me...

She is beautiful, she is fun, she makes me laugh, she lets me know that I am loved. She is the reason for the season. I hope I become more like her as we get older. I am lucky and she is cute. My girl Nadia


  1. Very touching. Bryce, we always knew you were a softy.

  2. Precious. I just told Jake's mom this past weekend that I didn't think there was a more perfect couple in the world. I love you both and am so glad that you are happy!!

  3. Nice. I love you too, Nad. "Let it begin!, Right?" :)