Thursday, September 9, 2010


The first thing you do when you get married- change your status and name on facebook. (Side note..This was a dilema for me more info later.) Second thing you do.. start a blog, so here it is! This is our midnight premier or pilot if you will. Another thing that happened when we got married, Netflix. This perhaps is why pilot is the first thing on my mind because i've watched the pilot for many  television shows. Including The Office, which I have already seen every episode yet there is a need to watch them again and again. They are probably more and more funny everytime. Also this has led to me referring every situation to an episode. I hope Bryce doesn't get sick of me. Or sick of Michael. Things wouldn't be the same without him. (Michael that is.)

So facebook. First I was Nadia Woodhouse, then I started to miss my family one day and felt like I had abandoned my familiy name passed down through the sahara dessert and immediately switched it to Nadia Najdawi Woodhouse. Oh my long.. that is 21 characters, people might fall asleep reading it. But just like Tevia said, tradition is tradition. Chudri would agree.

Bryce is really excited about this blog, meaning the next post is up to him. What it is.


  1. What ever happened to the BIG Blog Premier!? Don't worry, now that i'm an official face-booker I got the memo. Well Congrats! You have joined the club! We will be expecting some wonderful future posts!

    ps. love the title photo thing

  2. I'm glad you have a blog! I love reading what other people are doing... Hope you are loving married life! I'm sad we couldn't make it to the wedding!

  3. WooHoo! (Concider this a rave review.)

  4. I love it :) and I laughed really hard when I read "Tradition is tradition"