Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yes yes I know what you're thinking... another blog?! But hey three blogs in two days must mean it's a goooood week.  I'm officially a Woodhouse, season 1 of Glee is on instant play, I got my thirsty thursday on with a 60 cent diet coke from Horkleys, and Mary Kay-ed it up tonight. It doesn't get any better, just doesn't.

On a side note... I have started to wear heels for the first time in my life and have learned a thing or two... it's hard to drive, it's hard to walk on gravel, it's hard to walk on title floors, it's hard to walk down the stairs, it's hard to just walk in general. Maybe i'll practice tonight, or just watch glee with my dc, and there is nothing wrong with that.


  1. I've never wanted Netflix more in my life.

  2. Glee on netflix is amazing I thought this day would never come!