Tuesday, April 5, 2011

these last few weeks

have been crazy. just crazy.  First I had my grand opening for Mary Kay and Darcie made these deliciouss oreo balls for my big day. love her.

David had a black and white birthday party and we spent time with our favorite people.

And this past week Bryce's parents came to visit! Bryce has become quite the fisherman meaning I have to make sure I don't get the nightcrawlers in the fridge mixed up with the cream cheese. The boys went fishing on Friday at Birch Creek and came home with quite a few fish. Yeah still trying to decide how I feel about this, especially when he puts the heads on his finger and makes them talk to me. No thank you.

 On Friday it was 60 degrees! Time to go to Rigby Lake! Maybe not, but we did have a BBQ with Bryce's fam

 Bryce took these pictures of his Grandpa's tandem bike and I LOVE them. Seriously they are my favorite, he is the bomb.

 Ok so I lied, if I had to pick, these two are my favorite. I think I want to get them framed.

 Then we went to Twin Falls for the weekend where Biz and JDT were reunited and we took some engagement pictures for Chandler and Cort. Who will only be known as Chort from now on.

 and now it's April... meaning it's been a year since I graduated, got a job, and we were engaged. Time has gone by fast, and life is good.

(thanks b for the sweet pics)


  1. oh my goodness.
    the pictures of cort and chan are so wonderful.

  2. Hahaha that picture of the fish head on his finger is both disturbing and hilarious at the same time! I have a feeling I would think Bryce is a funny guy. When can I find out for sure?

  3. i love the top picture... you look like the next top selling-pink caddy driving- mary kay consultant in Rexburg! You look like you've been selling for years! I love it.
    and bryce... come on- playing with fish heads? that's jacked.

  4. Man I feel so left out! Wish we could have been there for the BBQ those dogs look so juicy! Did you take Cort's engagement pics? regardless, they look awesome! (that bottom one looks like they are praying together!)
    Ps. shout out to Bryce for being an awesome marketing specialist for Strawberry-Chic!

  5. Woops, just saw where you said you took Cort's engagements..i'm a little slow!