Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strawberry Chic

I'll admit it, one thing I look forward to during the day is getting my blog on. I have blogs I love, that I save pictures from for inspiration, and read daily... needless to say I appreciate a goooood blog, and that's where Strawberry Chic comes in! Not that i'm biased or anything (I mean Andrea is Bryce's too cute cousin, with the cutest baby) but really it has everything, design, cooking, amazing photography, baking, and decor. I love it. 

We've been doing a little more re-decorating here and there and bring on the inspiration! I love blogs like Strawberry Chic, Design Sponge, A Beautiful Mess etc. that do all the work and get all the ideas for me. I mean right now as I speak I have someone doing my laundry, dishes and painting my nails. Ok so not really, but if blogs could do that for me too... well, it would be a rough life.


  1. Thanks for the blog spotlight! I wish my blog could do your dishes and laundry too...I'll have to work on that