Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So.... lets say your little sister is with you in a store and she's being silly and knocks something over and breaks it and that something is a stupid stupid spongebob pineapple house ornament. I mean who makes a breakable ginormous pineapple ornament? And better yet, who buys something like that? Well the person who broke it that's who.
Stupid stupid pineapple ornament. Let me just tell you this store is not hypothetical, I'm the little sister and I will never go to Pet Co. again. I don't even have a pet, but tonight we were morning the loss of Stefan's dragon fish Falcor, and were trying to find a replacement fish when I thought it was necessary to pick up this fish house ornament thinking who in the world would pay 9.99 for this stupid thing and show Amanda how easily I can drop it. Needless to say this might have been one of the most embarrassing moments ever. I made Bryce wait with me at the register while I confessed my crime but there is a happy ending... the wonderful pet co cashier said i didn't have to pay for the stupid thing! 

Moral of the story- don't buy a dragon fish. I'll also never eat pineapple again

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  1. Thanks for sharing, though. I'm glad I'm not the only one!