Friday, September 9, 2011


Well it finally happened... i've had my first run in with the press and let me tell you- it wasn't pretty. Lets back track to Christian Bale's peaking point of his career- Newsies. Forget Edward vs. Jacob... there was nothing like the torment my heart went through to choose between The Cowboy and Spot Collins. Even though I couldn't bring my heart to choose I did decide that I was going to be a journalist in New York one day- no matter what. Now fastforward to my senior year in high school and i'm applying to State University of New York in Cortland majoring in Journalism. Well 5 years later i'm in Idaho with a degree in Advertising and married to my best friend. Not a bad trade off. EXCEPT- IF I HAD MAJORED IN JOURNALISM I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN FOOLED AND DECIEVED BY EVIL NEWSPAPERS! And the sad thing is it wasn't even Hearst and Pulitzer who pulled one over on me- it was the local paper. Boo.

So at my job i'm technically in charge of the advertising and marketing- except I pretty much do anything that has to do with communicating. Which means all public relations, media coverage, journalism, organizational, everything. So naturally when i'm asked to do an interview of course i'm going to respond, 'oh you mean me? why of course...' so I answer their questions (quite well if i do say so) about our company being apart of the inc5000 recognition of the top fastest growing companies. Then at the end they throw in a couple sly questions that i'm probably techinically but most definately not qualified to answer so i do a little scoot and a little slide around the question, again quite well, and what do they do?! WRITE A WHOLE ARTICLE ON MY SCOOTING AND SLIDING! Honestly, it's not that big of a deal, but I bragged about this interview for a little bit only to be put to shame when i get an email from a co-worker saying i made the front page. Yeah gee thanks a lot un-named paper for quoting me and making me sound rather unintelligent.

It's not that big of a deal, I mean it's not the New York Times, but I still considered gathering my crew, swarming the streets and breaking out in choriographed song and dance to get revenge.

Or maybe I just printed out the article, showed bryce and complained about it until he took me to Applebees. What a good man.

(sorry for so much blah blah we are doing so many fun things tonight I can't wait to post more pictures)


  1. I would like to to read the above mentioned article. Where can I find it?

  2. People are so mean and tricky! Don't worry, we still think your awesome!