Thursday, July 7, 2011

holiday weekend. no regrets.

A few things you should know about our 4th of July camping trip...
1. Mosquitos were invented in kelly canyon, at our exact camp site
2. Yes I wear crocs when out in the wild, so sue me. You'll just be the one with hot sweaty feet and heavy shoes when you try to cliff jump in vans.
3. Everything tastes better when cooked in a dutch oven
4. Sometimes you pick the campsite next to the crazy guy who decides to almost cut his finger off making your husband have to take him to the ER, all the while thinking he's an ax murder and you'll die a widow. No big deal.
5. We have really good friends


  1. Man, camping sounds like so much fun right now, even the hot dogs are looking good! sounds like you had a blast... don't worry your still cool if your wear bright red crocs!

  2. Love the bw tree pic. number 3 is sooo true. sorry about number 4, camping is exciting. so don't let anyone knock your choices in apparel.