Friday, July 1, 2011

be happy

I believe one of our main purposes in this life is to build and strength meaningful relationships, some people don't. How sad would your life be? Today I was really thinking about what makes me happy- somethings were events, material possesions, you know the weather etc. but I really don't think any of them would bring me as much joy if I was doing or enjoying those things alone. Taking time to be a good person, to be a good friend, to be a good family member takes time. It's not always easy, but those relationships are what make me happy everyday.

My mom and baby sister are coming to visit in 14 days! Two weeks left! I can hardly wait, everynight is like Christmas Eve and I keep thinking they are coming tomorrow. I can't wait to take them on Ruby, go bridge jumping, have B make us delicious BBQ feasts, and take najdawi women pictures together. I will/already do miss the Najdawi boys and wish they were coming. Having Bryce be just as excited as me for them to come makes me estatic.
This is what happiness is...
Having real friends,having a family that loves and supports you, and having a cute husband who does the same.

i really love these prints

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