Thursday, May 19, 2011


1. to dance like justin beiber
2. have my mom's spaghetti righttt nowwww
3. little caesars to close early tonight, please just one night.
4. work to be canceled for the summer
5. summer to actually come
6. a few kentuckians to come to idaho
7. accounting to not be so mean to bryce
8. a free trip to tacoma, of course after work is cancelled
10. Usher to discover me outside a studio in atlanta.

that's it... not too much to ask for right? I didn't think so.


  1. I live pretty close to Little C's. If you ever need someone to "cause a disturbance" so that they close early, let me know.
    Also, the new layout looks fab.

  2. I agree with Amy. The new layout is "hot" and "killin' it" as our girl Lil' Mama might say. And sorry I didn't start following your new "married blog" sooner. I kept forgetting!

  3. My wish is that we would see each other more!!! We are droppin the ball here! It's warming up outside and I am almost out of work for the summer... I need more Nadia time!!!

  4. i love your layout! its gorgeous. i wish i could dance like JB too! lol.