Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I have so many things to blog about! Most of them require pictures, so you will have to wait for those. But in the meantime i'm sure you were all thinking, "you don't blog enough about your husband... we want some more!" well here it is. There are a couple things about Bryce that are hilarious, besides the fact that he himself is hilarious, he does wierd things (and I mean that in the cutest way possible).

 It first started at Little Ceasars when everyone got new name tags with their name capitilized, except Bryce. His said 'bryce' with a little 'b' which I believe is what started the baby phase. Lets back up a few months to when we went to Kentucky and Bryce met our baby Oliver for the first time (this was also the first time he had really spent a lot of time with the Najdawi's and probably wasn't used to our... humor).  Oliver is my family's kitty and the sweetest thing in the world. I don't care if you're not a cat person you would be an oliver person- needless to say my family adores him (except chush... he feels a little left out.. ollie gets more attention than him 89% of the time). So naturally we all talked in baby talk when we spoke to him, it's what you do when you really really love something/someone right? right?! For example this would be a common phrase, (and Kyed is the best baby talker, but I will try to type this to the best of my ability) "oh my wittle bapey owiver you are so cooot oh yes you are my wittle bapey kitty"  I swear this is normal- Bryce didn't think so. Fast forward to little 'b' on the name tag day and Bryce getting mad fun of and being called baby brycey at work, I think he finally realized how much baby talk means love. Next thing I know he's adding 'ey' on the end of everyone's name... (Amanda and Stefan became mandy and stefy..) looking through my purse at church for toys and snacks, chewing on waterbottle caps, and renting chip and dale rescue rangers on netflix. I blame half of this on Little Ceasars, and the rest on Oliver, he's got to take responsible sometime for being so dang cute.
But just woook at the wittle bapey!
just hanging out with mom getting ready


  1. i think talking to your cat is not only socially acceptable, but also a requirement. I just love cats, and Oliver looks absolutely adorable. :)

  2. Mel must really love everyone then.