Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the sweet sweet south

Ryan Adams sure knew what he was talking about... the sweetest winds do blow across the south and oh how I already miss it. Kentucky is a dream. There is nothing better than southern hospitality, horses, baseball bats, country music hall of fame, fried green tomatoes, that accent and the Najdawi's. And if you were wondering, we now know everything there is to know about all of the above. For some reason the first day we were there I automatically had a Kentucky accent. No one knows why, even just typing this is making me read it in my mind with a southern drawl. Was I embarrassed? No, in fact the locals loved me so much everywhere I went they kept telling me to come back. All I have to say is yes Cindy at the Whistle Stop Cafe, I will be coming back and yes I did hear you.

Churchill Downs in Louisville- 
Home of the Kentucky Derby

my dream is to one day have a derby hat!

Our tour guide who knows anything and everything about them horses


One of the last pictures of ol beardy...

Antique shopping in Glendale

"Where dreams come true thru the grapevine" -words to live by

I would love to wear this to the derby one day

I miss them already

Louisville Slugger Factory

A little Seattle Pride

More pictures from Nashville coming soon. Or to a theater near you.. that just sounded like the right thing to say. So now you have the option.. you're welcome


  1. love love love these pictures.
    now show me elvis!!!!

  2. absolutely gorgeous pictures!!
    Thank you for the lovely tour!
    PS;your blog is gorgeous!

  3. I've been Louisville once but all we did was drive through it.
    Also, Jeff really wants to go to the Kentucky Derby.
    Double date?

  4. No please don't cut beardy! Which by the way, looks like he got a nice trim for the in-laws.