Wednesday, December 22, 2010

and now Elvis!

But first... at little more of Louisville... at Lynn's Paradise Cafe. (I saw this place on the Food Network once and have wanted to go since. It was a dream.)

 SO good. Lynn's was on Bobby Flay's throw down not once, but twice.. can't get enough of those fried green tomatoes

It was like stepping into a retirement home in Florida

and now Elvis! Nashville decided to switch weather with Idaho the day we traveled down there, but it was still so much fun.

This is for you Jordan.. The Country Music Hall of Fame

Studio B - Where Elvis recorded almost all of his albums & where Country turned a little Rock and Roll

Playing at Elvis' Piano!

Sorry about your eye Caden

Outside of Studio B which was shut down the day after Elvis died (i'm not kidding..after all these tours, we know everything about anything)

Walking on Broadway. Yes 'Honky Tonk' is a real phrase. Love it or leave it.

The King

MERRY CHRISTMAS love the Najdawi's and our new additions- Bryce & Oliver


  1. bryce fits right in!
    and maybe next time take me and shan?

  2. My mom and I ALWAYS go to Lynn's when we are both in town and it is one of my favorite places to go with my girls still in Louisville. Glad you got to have the Lynn's experience! Miss it!