Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I've been in Rexburg for almost 5 years now and that seems like a lifetime to me. I'm starting to feel the itch and sometimes I think if we just up and left tomorrow life would be great. But really it's not Rexburg, I just want some kind of change. SO here it is... my plan....
1.Get rid of diet coke... doesn't sound like too big of a change, but hey it's something outside my routine. (I slipped and had diet pepsi tonight and I don't care what anyone says, DP has never been and never will be DC- plus DP sounds like it should stand for diapers.)

2. I made the switch from JB to the new JB. Jonas Brothers for Justin Bieber. I suddenly have the fever and want all boys so they can have that hair and of course be mentored by Usher, because that's a very likely possibility. (This is what happens when i'm home alone all night with youtube. Blame the Justin Bieber app- not me.)

3. RE-DECORATING! Look at that wall.. i love it! I just want a house to paint and wallpaper and do whateva I want, but for real, I'm tearing up Design Sponge for ideas and have already taken all the old decorations off. There's nothing like starting over.

4. The most exciting change- I'm starting my own business and selling Mary Kay Cosmetics! yeahhhhh I know what you're thinking- eh Mary Kay has been around forever, blah blah i've heard it before. but for real this is so exciting for me. There are so many opportunities available through Mary Kay and like I said.. change is always good. Not only that, but this is definitely a challenge for me, and can't wait for yall to help me do this thing! I'm having a grand opening party and free ninety nine? who doesn't love that! Samples, free products, discounts and giveaways.. i'm excited. Not only that, but hosting a party can get you those same deals so ask me if you have any questions! (I might even start a new blog for just MK?)

5. As if that's not enough- but I told you i'm feeling the itch to switch- I dyed my hair blonde. 
jokes! for real I didn't, but did you say "OH NO WHAT" see just the reaction I was looking for.. you're so predictable. 
But really I miss all these places- and am dying to get out and do all this again...



  1. 1- can I help decorate...i need ideas as well.
    2- if you go blonde i'll go blonde
    3-proud of you giving up diet coke
    4- 13 soon?

  2. Nads- I love you! I've been making an Idea folder for when I get a house of my very own! It's fun. I can't wait to see your new decorations and I hope I'm invited to your MK party.

  3. http://d30opm7hsgivgh.cloudfront.net/upload/7556549_bG7De9iq_b.jpg
    check out this link... you should do this!

  4. Definitely the time of year for change. (And don't be so gracious- Burg's distinct predictability doesn't help. lol) I hope for a house one day that has a super entry way and a sunny green-thumb laundry room. I think every girl's got house dreams! Best wishes with MK.

  5. I miss those places too! And... on the Nate show today they showed how you can put up sheets/tablecloths/any type of fabric really up on your walls and be able to take it down without messing up the walls (since you can't paint) Liquid starch... sponge rollers... roll the wall put the fabric up then roll over the fabric... Looked so fun! :)

  6. I swear Rexburg has cursed all to have a need for change! But then again it seems Farmington can have the same effect. So are you quiting the porters thing or just doing MK on the side? Wish I could be there for the big party! If I ever need products I'll give you a call!