Thursday, February 24, 2011

This many hours. that's how long i feel like i've been awake. like after finals week when you realized you only got 5 hours of sleep all week and haven't showered for 3 days. i feel reallllllll close to that, yet haven't had to take a test (thank goodness). not only am I tired, but since I got to work i've had a new craving almost every hour. 8am- I WANT COKE! and a breakfast burrito. 9am- I WANT COKE! and chicken pot pie. 10am- I WANT COKE! and a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I know , I know, i may be addicted and I am working on it. I now know how Sandra Bullock felt in 28 weeks (I really hope there isn't rehab for diet coke addictions...i won't go!) These withdrawls are making me have crazy brain* too, like well... wanting chicken pot pie at 9am, spending at least 10 minutes trying to remember the theme song for Clarissa Explains it all, and entering the HGTV dream home give away aproximately 37 times. It's now 11am and here comes another one...wait for it.. oh yeah definately thanksgiving dinner.

*crazy brain- not to be confused with pregnant brain. Crazy brain is caused by lack of sleep, hunger, and extreme thirst. Again crazy brain, NOT pregnant brain.


  1. So what you're telling me is that you're pregnant..? Congratulations!! You should add sore boobs, loss of bladder control and nausea to your list of symptoms.

  2. 28 days girl... not weeks!!! i love that movie. I'll go to rehab with you for moral support. I'm practicing the serenity prayer right now-pack your bags.

  3. giiirrrll
    statistics show coke is good for you!
    at least that's what I say when i buy a d.coke everyday at work....